President of the WBQA Switzerland Luca Stutz, is also Team Captain of the “GOOD OLD BBQ” competition team. When he and his team are not engaged in BBQ catering, BBQ schools or competitions, Luca works in a BBQ store in Switzerland selling grills.

Relatively a young team, Good Old BBQ has participated in BBQ competitions since 2014. Their biggest success was in 2015 at the WBQA World BBQ Championships in Sweden where they were proud to achieve 2nd place in pork ribs and 3rd place in dessert.

Luca sees BBQ as the best way to cook, thoroughly enjoys the competitions and, most of all, loves the fun and camaraderie that ensues when the BBQ community gets together! He is proud of his country, and very happy to re-kindle a Swiss relationship with the World BBQ Association by establishing the WBQA Switzerland.


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