Chilean Association of Experienced Parrilleros (ACPE)

Our valued member, Vicente Fuenzalida, President of Chilean BBQ Association (ACA), has this October passed over the WBQA Chile Presidency to Chef Rodrigo Gómez.

Having enjoyed an advanced gastronomic career, Rodrigo became an impassioned lover of embers and fire!  For the past 6 years Rodrigo has owned and operated his restaurant “Coyote Grill” in Pucon, Chile, where more than 2,000 lambs have so far been spit-roasted.

Many hours of enthusiastic cooking with fire taught Rodrigo to understand the magic of smoke and embers; that wind and humidity are just some of the factors to consider when aiming to achieve excellence.

Rodrigo’s love of grilling is what led him to organize the first national competition of experienced grillers, and also to form the Chilean Association of Experienced Parrilleros (ACPE), which seeks to bring together all lovers of fire, embers and smoke celebrating family and friendship.

Rodrigo Gómez Arriagada, President


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