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“The World BBQ Association is about meeting new and old friends from around the world under the flag of Fire, Food, Friendship and Fun”

World Barbecue Association (WBQA) Presents - Train The Trainer 2015 Netherlands

Become WBQA Trainer – Train the Trainer programme, Son en Breugel, Netherlands

  • The World Barbecue Association and our affiliated members are proud of our rapidly growing organisation, which started with the aim of uniting all countries worldwide, through the fabulous sport of barbecue.
  • What makes us different is that we celebrate the culinary and cultural differences of every country and promote each unique style of BBQ cooking and presentation. We do not promote one particular country style of cooking


  • We promote BBQ cooking using traditional cooking methods with wood charcoal etc.
  • We promote friendship throughout the worlds continents/countries and a chance to connect with all the BBQ Associations in our member countries.
  • We promote the idea of competition through BBQ contests
  • We support and organise BBQ contests – national, European and international, and give you the potential to host any of these events in your country
  • We promote BBQ using traditional cooking methods with wood and charcoal, etc.
  • We promote the idea that BBQ is for everyone from the backyard enthusiast to professional chefs! BBQ is for all those who enjoys the skill of cooking outdoors.
  • We are an international not-for-profit organisation, without prejudice of any religious or political belief
  • We promote a code of conduct and the highest ethical standards for competition.
  • We provide a source of knowledge-based information on “Safe Methods of BBQ”
  • We provide guidelines on food safety, fire safety and information on “Safe Methods of BBQ”.
  • We provide increased potential of sponsorship for your events.
  • We provide promotion of your BBQ Association and events on our Facebook page and website.
  • We support an eco / green ethos which includes waste food management, recycling of all aluminum products and FSC approved BBQ fuel.

Join us in Fire, Food Friendship and Fun !